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SBE Chapter 52 - December 6th, 2018 - Meeting Summary

Our December 6th, 2018 evening meeting was combined with the SMPTE Ohio Section, and held at the Sinclair Television broadcast plant (WSYX/WTTE-DT) in Columbus. The guest presenter for the evening was Jay Dill, with the firm McFadden Audio Consulting and Design, located in Westerville Ohio. His principal presentation topics covered the various "after actions" necessary for the current/future TV broadcast spectrum "white space" users, especially for wireless microphones operators (both commercial and non-commercial) located in any given area, as all of the local market TV stations have completed their respective frequency relocation activities, part of the current 39 month US Congressionally mandated TV Broadcast spectrum repack window. This will dramatically affect all "white space" TV spectrum users in the USA due to the necessity of most wireless microphone operators/users needs of replacing them all with new ones then transmitting on different frequencies, due to that mandated frequency allocation window.

This will mean that the free open "white spaces" portion of the TV Broadcast spectrum available today in any given local TV broadcast market, will not likely be available tomorrow, along with little or no notice to be given to the end user! Mr. Dill then offered some practical suggestions for a "work around" on some of these types of issues especially for wireless microphones users, possibly involving the use of lesser know white space frequencies not currently being utilized today, and by designing new software/hardware modifications and manufacturing, as an alternative to just an across the board replacement of all wireless microphones at any given site.

A lively Q & A session followed, involving the 40 members/guests in attendance!

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